An online course for boys and young men.

True masculinity is a great gift to the world and all who live in it.

Yet we live in a world in which the definition and role of masculinity has become confused and often distorted. Boys and young men are increasingly feeling negative and uncertain about masculinity and manhood.

In a recent survey by YouGov more men between the ages of 18 and 24 viewed masculinity in a negative light than those who viewed it positively. That is catastrophic! What kind of men will we produce as a society if we allow them to grow up believing that masculinity is inherently bad?

There is an urgent need to validate boys and young men and teach them what healthy, positive masculinity looks like.

Boys and men throughout the world are crying out for an understanding of what it means to be a man and the six pack of masculine virtues answers that cry. It provides keys and actionable principles for positive, healthy, life-giving masculinity. It shows how every boy and every man, no matter his background, socio-economic group, size, strength or sexual orientation can step up and be a true gift to the world.

Every boy has what it takes to become an excellent man. The choice is his. This course will show him how to make that choice.

Who will benefit from the course?

The course is aimed at every young man seeking a deeper understanding of what it means to be a good, strong, virtuous man.

It will show them how to be the powerful force for good they were made to be and will help equip them to become the men they were destined to be. One college student described it as “the best education I ever got”. 

The 6 Pack of Masculine Virtues course is particularly relevant for boys in their final years of school as they prepare for life as adult men.

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The course is divided into 7 modules each containing:

Video material with unique and actionable content

✅ Inspiring reading material

✅ An interactive exercise

✅ A quiz to test the student’s understanding of the material

✅ Students will receive an eCertificate upon completion and have lifetime access to the course and future updates.


The Six Virtues of positive, healthy masculinity 

How to step up and take full responsibility for your life

How to define and value yourself by character

How to build deep meaningful friendships and connections with other men

The importance of being mentored and being a mentor to others

How to be a force for good in the world

How to discover and live a meaningful, purpose driven life

How to grow and use your strength for good


Craig Wilkinson is passionate about inspiring and equipping men to live with positive, healthy masculinity that makes the world a safer, better place.

He is a bestselling South African author, award winning social entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and Dad Coach.

Over the last decade he has taught and inspired thousands of men and boys in schools, colleges, communities and organisations to be the gift to the world they were made to be. The 6 Pack material was born out of a belief that teaching men positive, healthy masculinity will transform society by eliminating destructive masculine stereotypes and behaviour. 

Craig is the father of a 28 year old son and a 25 year old daughter and was a single dad for many years. He is the author of the best-selling book, DAD – how to be the father your children need” and It’s a DAD – every man’s guide to pregnancy, birth and becoming a father”.

Craig founded and runs the Non-Profit Organisation, Father A Nation whose mission is to restore and equip men to be great men, fathers, mentors and role models. For his work with men in communities Craig received the GQ South Africa Humanitarian Man of the Year Award in 2019.


The 6 Pack online course presents and unpacks the six fundamental virtues of positive, healthy masculinity. Each virtue is explained clearly both in video and written format and comes with exercises and a quiz to help apply the principles in a practical way to one’s own life.

Module 1

We often make the mistake of measuring a man’s strength only by how physically strong he is. A much better way of defining strength is, “your ability to have an impact on other people’s lives”. Ultimately it’s not how much strength a man has that determines the kind of man he is, it’s what he does with his strength. And there are three ways any man can use his strength, he can fail to use it, he can misuse it or he can use it for good. This module shows men how to use their strength for good.

Module 2

The second virtue of positive masculinity is that he takes full responsibility for his life and everything in it. Virtuous men look after themselves, they do everything in their power to nurture and care for the people in their lives, they are good stewards of their material goods, and they take their roles and responsibilities seriously. In this module we show how this is done and discuss some of the main obstacles that keep men from taking responsibility.

Module 3

Men and boys are subjected to a lot of false ideas about what it means to be a man. And most men, whether consciously or unconsciously, judge themselves and their worth by these false notions of masculinity. Some of the most prevalent of these are; sexual prowess, power, money, toughness, big boys don’t cry, image, popularity. In this module we dispel harmful and misleading notions about masculinity and talk about what really matters; character, integrity, values and how we treat others.

Module 4

Life is a team sport and so is our lives as men. We need other men and other men need us. So often, we men try to go it alone, struggling to ask for help because we want to prove to the world that we’ve got what it takes. Men need friends who share common values, who are committed to each other, who will stand with and for each other, no matter what. In this module we unpack the four keys for building a band of brothers.

Module 5

Boys learn about manhood and masculinity by watching how older boys and men behave. Every man has an opportunity and a responsibility to model virtuous masculinity, to be a role model and mentor to younger boys. Every man, no matter how young or old he is, needs to know that someone younger than him is watching and learning from him all the time. And he needs to make sure that the life he is living is worth copying!

Module 6

Virtuous men make sure the world is a better place because they are in it. They add value to every relationship they have and to every place and situation they find themselves in. They treat all people as equals, with dignity and respect. They give more than they take. They find and fulfill purpose so that they can fully realise their potential and be the unique gift to the world they are meant to be. They live their lives in such a way that they will leave a beautiful legacy.

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"Conflicting ideas around masculinity in my home, school, and political environments have created a sense of immense confusion, to the point where I almost started to believe that all masculinity is indeed bad. The 6 Pack reinforced within me the idea that, masculinity (when controlled and used for good), is not only one of the cornerstones for modern society, but is also one of the greatest gifts that God bestowed upon man."

Grade 12 Student, St Stithians College, Johannesburg

"The 6 Pack taught me that being a man and showing masculinity can be a beautiful gift to this world, if used properly and out of wanting to benefit those around us."

Grade 12 Student, St Stithians College, Johannesburg

"This course is really incredible, super amazing! I think its going to make a lot of difference in a lot a lot of mens lives💪🔥"

Gabriel, Prefect, Fish Hoek High School, Cape Town

"This taught me that masculinity and misogyny are not synonymous and that it is important to embrace true, positive masculinity."

Grade 12 Student, St Stithians College, Johannesburg

"Taught us how to be a true man! And how to utilize our strength for the greater good of everyone."

Grade 12 Student, St Stithians College, Johannesburg


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Frequently asked questions

When does the course start and finish?

Whenever you want! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course and any future updates for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Can I do the course on a mobile device?

Yes! If you are doing the course on a smartphone or tablet, when you are online you can watch the videos, read the content and do the exercises the same way you do on a desktop.

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